Locanda Alla Posta

Path of wars and trenches

The centenary of the Great War falls on this year, we have the opportunity to provide a tourist guide to show you the path of war and the trenches.

Craft Bike TRANSALP 2018

The Transalp is a competition bicycle tour from a stunning track, characterized by enchanting mountain scenery at the same time with stops very difficult and selective.
Founded in 1998 and consolidated over the years, this year will grow into 8 sections that pass through the paths of the Alps. On June 2018 during the course of a stage will be transit in Crespano del Grappa.

Free flying

Free flying: as already mentioned, the area offers exceptionally good flying conditions, because of the particular geographic configuration of the mountain and wide plain in front of it. Borso del Grappa is visited by all flying fans from all parts of Europe like Norway and from overseas like Japan. It is certainly one of the best places for type of sport, as it comes to sceery, organization and last but not least to safety for flying conditions.

Trekking and Horseback

For those, who are not particulary fascinated by flying, but are interested in trekking, that is by foot or by horseback, the plateau of the Grappa offers many pleasant itineraries of different levels, to be covered in all seasons. Horseback fans can do fascinating trips riding over the green and soft hills of the Pedemontana.
At a few 100 metres from the "Locanda alla Posta" you can relax at the border of one of the swimming-pools of the centre "La Conca Verde".


For those, who want to try an exciting emotion in a canoe descending down the rapids of the "Brenta", you can find a Rafting centre in Oliero, at the exit of the Valsugana. For inexperienced people in this activity instructors will accompany them to try this sport in all safety.


A less than 10 Km we have a prestigious golf course "Golf Club Asolo" for our demanding guests.

Città d'arte

In the end, with no doubt less important, there is the opportunity to visit our cities of art. Venice, which does not need to be presented, with its museums and rxhibitions, is less than an hour away by train. Padua, Treviso, Vicenza can be reached by car or by public transportation in an hour. Other small villages like Asolo and Marostica, jewels of medieval times, are interesting and picturesque.
Bassano del Grappa, at 6 Km form Borso del Grappa, an antique city of trade and handicraft, is famous for its wooden bridge, besides its "grappa" (strong drink). Possagno, Antonio Canova's hometown, shows you its temple dedicated to its great sculptor and its gallery of plaster casts.

It would be too long to mention all the monuments and great number of Venetian villas in our surroundings, created by the genius and architect Palladio.